SpiritWriter Trick!

Use An iPhone to Predict Any Three Digit Number Someone Will Think Of


- Draw a star on the screen of the iPhone to demonstrate you can draw on your iPhone.

- Erase the star and write down a three-digit number on the screen of your iPhone.

- Put the iPhone down anywhere.

- Ask a friend to concentrate on your thoughts and say the three digit number that comes to mind.

- Give the iPhone to your friend.

- The number your friend thought of matches your handwritten prediction.

- You can also do this with the last three digits of a dollar bill in someone's wallet.

- INSPECTABLE (The spectator can even draw on the iPhone)

* Tap the information icon (circled i) on the splash screen and enter Houdini's birthdate to reveal the secret *

Available now in the iTunes App Store. Click here to view in App Store.



ESP Trick!

Use ESP to draw images from other peoples minds on your iPhone.


Trick your friends and family into believing you can read their mind.

- Draw a simple crystal ball on the screen.

- Ask a friend to draw any symbol, letter, or number they wish inside the crystal ball.

- Ask the friend to get a clear mental image of what they drew before they erase it and give the phone back to you.

- As your friend hands you the phone keep the phone in their view as you begin to draw a crystal ball and use ESP to sketch the image your friend is thinking of.

- Easy and fun to do!

Tap information icon (circled i) on splash screen to reveal the secret.

Coming soon to the iTunes App Store.

iPhone Card Trick!

Read Minds with your iPhone


READ MINDS and instantly know the playing card someone is THINKING of!

EFFECT: Five random cards are shown face-down on the screen. Someone freely selects, and memorizes a card with your back turned to them. They turn the four remaining cards face-up as well and hand the iPhone back to you. You ask the spectator to visualize the card they picked in their mind as you read their mind and announce the card they are merely THINKING of!

The effect is a professional quality card trick that is repeatable with no preparation.

Great for meeting new people, impressing friends or dates, and magicians.

Easy to perform. Impossible for others to figure out.

This magic trick uses a special method that does not involve marked cards, sequencing, math, vibration, accelerometer, etc.

Available now in the iTunes App Store. Click here to view in App Store.



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